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Bianstone Guasha


*Comes with written instruction & diagram
*For face & Body
*Contains 40 minerals and trace elements
*Helps to smooth wrinkles and deep set lines
*Brings fresh oxygenated blood to the surface
*Aids skin cell turnover, giving rejuvenated/glowing skin
*Relieves muscle tension
*Helps muscles to repair after a workout
*Lymphatic Drainage/Removes Puffiness
*Removes toxins/Aids homeostasis

Healing Properties:
A massive energy generator that purifies and stimulates an intense energy. Bian protects the aura and aligns all chakras purging the ethereal body of any negative attachments. Bian can boost intuition, enhance mental focus, clarity, enhancing brain function. It creates a harmonious disposition and a positive outlook. Bian is excellent for grounding and connecting.