Don't Forget Your Face XO


I am definitely going to sign up! Yesterday's class was really good and you can definitely feel things working. It was interesting to feel more conscious of your neck muscles in a way you mightn't have done previously. It's the perfect & safe introduction to some simple exercises that can be done in front of the TV or even at the dinner table or in the car. Felicia goes to great effort to explain and demonstrate from multiple angles and the small group size means you can be assured of individual attention if you need to adjust technique slightly. Thank you, Felicia, and hopefully see you on Wednesday.

-Nicola L from Yorkshire

Worth every penny and more- now to add these new focused exercises into my #healthyhabits

-Bronwen Gray from Arbonne Beauty @barefootbronnie

Absolutely loe our virtual Zoom tutorials. They are extremely insightful. A real face education.

-Kirsty @myfrown_an_i

Hello Dear Felicia:

I really enjoyed myself at your workshop. You were a catalyst for me and my face. You presented the whole thing in a very pleasant way: captivating and funny. You are a good pedagog and thanks to you the same day I started to do some face exercise and couldn't stop; practicing every day, putting the timer on, and "let's go on a face journey". Now I can't imagine NOT DOING face plank, face push ups ah you made me realise that it is a body part that needs and wants to have it's muscles worked out. I already notice how I have more control over my face muscles, the right eye who is now balancing the left eye which was stronger. I have a job interview in France for job-studies, I feel excited and more confident! Thank you!! Please feel free to send me your mails because they are always informative and I like to hear, learn, discover new things. Thanks again for the knowledge you shared with us. Much appreciated.

-Coltilde C