Don't Forget Your Face XO

Jade Roller


*Comes with written instruction & diagram
*For face & Body
*Helps to smooth wrinkles and deep set lines
*Brings fresh oxygenated blood to the surface
*Aids skin cell turnover, giving rejuvenated/glowing skin
*Relieves muscle tension
*Helps muscles to repair after a workout
*Lymphatic Drainage/Removes Puffiness
*Removes toxins/Aids homeostasis
Healing Properties of Jade:
Jade is cool to the touch and has a soothing energy. Useful in emotional healing and a wonderful stone to bring harmony and balance. Jade can treat stress and anxiety. Similar to rose quartz, Jade is associated with the Heart Chakra, Jade is a stone of Love, power and excellence that protects and supports loving heart energy.

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